Udzungwa Mountains National Park

Udzungwa Mountains National Park, located in southern Tanzania, is a remarkable and biodiverse sanctuary known for its lush, montane forests and captivating landscapes. Covering an area of approximately 1,990 square kilometers, it is a crucial part of the Eastern Arc Mountains, which are renowned for their rich and unique ecosystems.


Expect to encounter diverse wildlife, including primates such as the Iringa red colobus monkey, Sanje crested mangabey, and the endemic Udzungwa red colobus monkey

Park Size

1,990 sq. km. (768 sq. mi.)

Driving Distance

2.5 Hours from Morogoro

What to Know

Udzungwa Mountains Overview

Udzungwa Mountains Highlights

The park is distinguished by its verdant montane forests, rolling hills, and picturesque landscapes. The Udzungwa Mountains are often referred to as the “Galapagos of Africa” due to the high level of endemism and species found here. The park offers a refreshing contrast to the more arid landscapes of northern Tanzania and presents a unique opportunity for nature enthusiasts to explore a less-visited part of the country.

About Udzungwa Mountains

Udzungwa Mountains National Park was established in 1992 to protect the unique biodiversity of the Eastern Arc Mountains, which are considered one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots. The park has since become an essential component of Tanzania’s conservation efforts, preserving its remarkable ecosystems and rare species.

Birdlife in Udzungwa Mountains

The park is a haven for birdwatchers, boasting over 400 bird species. Some of the notable avian species in the park include the Udzungwa forest partridge, the Udzungwa forest robin, and the African olive pigeon. The rich forest canopy and pristine streams make Udzungwa an ideal habitat for a wide variety of birdlife.

What to Do


Hiking and Nature Walks

Udzungwa Mountains offers excellent hiking opportunities for visitors to explore its lush forests, pristine waterfalls, and rich biodiversity. The most popular hike is the Sanje Waterfalls Trail, which leads to the stunning 170-meter-high Sanje Waterfalls. Along the way, hikers may encounter various wildlife and experience the beauty of the montane forests.

Primate Watching

The park is an excellent location for primate enthusiasts, offering the chance to observe unique species such as the Udzungwa red colobus monkey and Sanje crested mangabey. Guided primate watching experiences provide insights into the behavior and ecology of these rare primates.


With its diverse avian species, Udzungwa Mountains is a rewarding destination for birdwatching. Guided birdwatching excursions take visitors through the park’s rich forested areas, providing opportunities to spot endemic and rare bird species.

Camping and Picnicking

The park offers designated camping sites, providing visitors with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the wilderness. Additionally, picnicking areas are available for those seeking a relaxed outdoor experience.

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